Stackstorm Acquired by Brocade

brocade acquires stackstorm

Stackstorm, a startup company that created devops automation solutions and Sand Hill East client was recently acquired by Brocade, a publicly traded enterprise hardware company. StackStorm started in 2013 and was based in Palo Alto, with 14 employees.

StackStorm was in stealth mode until in May 2014 when it announced the release of version 1.0 of its open-source software. As reported by Venture Beat, the Stackstorm team “eventually came to adopt the moniker ‘IFTTT for ops,’ implying that it could take care of certain tasks based on rules that operations people put in place, just like the IFTTT service that integrates many consumer web applications”.

Brocade has stated that they will keep supporting the StackStorm community. It’s expected that Brocade customers will be able to leverage the Stackstorm technology to bring devops methods to networking as well as experience many of the benefits of scale-out IT automation enjoyed by the leading cloud providers.